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10 Clever Ways To Clean With A Lemon

10 Clever Ways to Clean With a Lemon

1. Clean the microwave.

The easiest, simplest way to get your microwave spotless, no scrubbing required.

2. Clean your wooden cutting boards.

Our favorite way to clean wooden cutting boards at the end of the night.

3. Remove stains from butcher b

lock countertops.

Begone, berry stains and coffee rings! We banish you from all butcher blocks by the power of a lemon.

4. Make an all-purpose kitchen cleaner.

Don’t throw out those lemon peels — save them and make this awesome-smelling kitchen cleaner.

5. Polish copper.

No matter how tarnished your copper cookware, a lemon can make it all better.

6. Freshen the garbage disposal.

As we wrote here, the best way to kick that funky smell coming out of your garbage disposal is to throw in some ice cubes, a handful of kosher salt, and a few lemon peels. Turn it on, grind it up, and voila — freshness.

7. Scrub stubborn stuck-on food off dishes.

Have a little dried cheese you can’t get off the grater? Grab a recently juiced lemon, a little coarse salt, and get to scrubbing.

8. Clean and deodorize smelly plastic containers.

Rub a lemon over the inside of a plastic container, or rinse it with lemon juice to help remove stains and smells.

9. Polish spotty knives.

As we wrote here, lemon juice can help remove rust spots on knives if you left them just a tad too long in a puddle of water.

10. Clean the blender.

If your blender carafe suffers from a little hard water build-up, blend a lemon with a little dishwashing soap and water to get it sparkling again.


blog was written by Cambria Bold

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